Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panels are continually exposed to the elements. As a result of this they are subject to the build up of dirt and varying deposits by a variety of weather and environmental conditions. These residues add a layer of grime to the outside of the solar panels rendering them less efficient to the amount of sunlight they can absorb. That is why we’re here to help. Regular solar panel cleaning is required to maximise the power output of your entire system. After all, a solar panel system is a valuable investment, so it is obviously worth maintaining it so it operates to it’s fullest potential.

On a sunny day solar panels produce more electricity than on a cloudy day. It therefore makes sense that if left un-cleaned, solar panels will produce much less electricity than they can produce if they are cleaned regularly. It is no good washing these panels with tap water and chemicals, particularly in the South of the U.K. where our water is notoriously ‘hard’. ‘Hard’ water will leave mineral deposits on the panels in exactly the same way as it leaves scale on your bathroom taps and in your sink and toilet cistern, making the panels ability to operate effectively less efficient.


Only 100% de ionised purified water should be used to keep solar panels gleaming and giving their best electricity producing rates. By using pure water which has no minerals and no chemicals the water can only evaporate leaving nothing behind except a perfectly clean energy efficient solar panel.

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