Office Cleaning

Daily commercial cleaning services

Vacuuming carpets | Mopping floors | Emptying all waste bins | Wiping, cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces | Cleaning and disinfecting toilets | Cleaning sinks | Polishing mirrors and other fixtures | Cleaning cupboards | Cleaning office equipment including phones, machinery etc.

Monthly Commercial Cleaning

This is just a general list of duties for your convenience. No matter what your cleaning requirements, just let us know and we can facilitate to suit your needs.


All clients have individual needs and we specifically design a working plan to your office cleaning requirements.


We also supply window cleaning, carpet cleaning and provide janitorial products: – Black bags, paper hand towels, liquid or tablet soap, toilet rolls etc.

Weekly office cleaning services

Dusting fire extinguishers | Cleaning cobwebs | Cleaning office chairs | Cleaning fridges | Wiping and disinfecting table and chair legs | Cleaning skirting boards and ledges | Dusting to a height of 2.2 metres | Attention to the top of cabinets etc

At GJB Group we deliver a wide range of commercial cleaning services to businesses in Lancashire. Call Us 01772 382 321